Winter Mixer

On February 18 Sweet Briar College STARS organization hosted the annual winter mixer.

Themed Arabian Nights, the venue was decked out with lights, bright tapestries, magic lamps, and even two massive paper elephants.


All those who came had a wonderful night! About two hundred students with their dates showed up for the event. The music was provided by Boomer and Moose, a local band of students from neighboring UVA. The evening was filled with a ruckus of dancing, singing, and of course sisterly camaraderie.  


The Winter Mixer is one of Sweet Briar’s many age old traditions. It provides a great time for students to relax and unwind from the stresses of school and work. Next year everyone is looking forward to even bigger and better things.  Until then let’s all give a big Holla Holla to STARS, the band, catering, and all those who made this wonderful event possible!


Written by Melissa Wert


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