Senior Dance Concert

The February 24 and 25 Senior Dance Concert presented eight pieces by Katrina Buniak and Ruth Packard showcasing their abilities, as well as seven other accomplished dancers ranging from seniors to first-years.


Katrina Buniak choreographed four pieces including two solos both featuring aerial dance.  Her fresh choreography brought contemporary, new ideas to the stage in Hand in Hand, as she danced alongside fellow senior, Vanessa Finnegan, using aerial apparatus.


Ruth Packard choreographed four lyrical, expressive pieces.  In her solo, To Make Like Earth, Ruth’s enjoyment of dancing shone through as she couldn’t hold back a smile, adding even more energy and passion to her dancing.


Katrina Buniak and Ruth Packard are seniors majoring in dance.  They will be graduating in the spring.  Also performing were Olympia LeHota ‘20, Caroline McDonald ‘17, Holly Rueger ‘17, Rachel Woods ‘20, Taylor Jefferson ‘19, and Haylei Libran ‘20.


Written by Kate Zilke


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