An Old Tradition For a New Beginning

The class of 2017 at Spring Step Singing 2016.

Article By Miss Allie Lane

Photo by Kiley Jolicoeur


What a wonderful day from the Golden Stairs! Spring Step Singing took place Monday March 21st.

Thankfully we had a beautiful, yet chilly day for it. After being put off a week due to weather, the

tradition commenced at 6:30 p.m. While the seniors waited, the juniors arrived, followed shortly by the

lively sophomore group, and finally our small, yet darling first years proceed into the quad and onto our

historic bricks to bring together the school.


The first years started off the evening with a number about how much love they have for good “ole

Sweet Breezy”. Next, they sung about their “Bad Blood” with their rival sophomores. Next they gave

love to their sister class by reminding the juniors they would “never give them up, let them down, or

hurt them.” Lastly, they took the seniors on a journey and told the story of a college girl, living in a lonely



Then the sophomores took their turn. The sophomores started their songs by saying “Hello” to the first

years. Next, gloated by being all by themselves while singing their own rendition of “Me, Myself, and I.”

They put the junior sophomore rivalry to rest by telling the juniors to go love themselves, and that it

would be okay. Lastly, they sung to their ever gracious and admiring sister class, the seniors.


Next was the junior class. They started by singing their love to their first year sister class. Next, they did

not give a holla about the sophomore class or anything they do. The junior class then sang of their

triumphs and how they have become stronger since the last time we were all united at the stairs. And

finally, they sung to the seniors about how the senior class lights up their lives and that the juniors

would need stitches after graduation.


Finally, the seniors brought the evening to a close by singing their traditional songs. The seniors started

by singing Sweet Briar Song. Followed by the Senior song, next was “We Won’t Grow Up, Today,” and

lastly “Don’t Say Nothing” bad about the seniors. Step Singing was conclude with an all-around “Holla,

Holla” to the everyone and to our beautiful school.

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