Latinx Club: Celebrating Hispanic Culture and Tradition

The Latinx Club is a new community club forming on campus in the early processes of becoming official. The club’s overall goal is dedicated to creating a space of community and appreciation for Hispanic culture. While still in the process of becoming an official club, plans are already being made for ongoing meetings. The Latinx Club currently has Sweet Briar’s Spanish professors sponsoring the club and contributing to the community. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information about the club, feel free to contact the Spanish Department.


The Latinx Club’s last gathering was held on February 23rd, and the atmosphere of the meeting was welcoming with girls freely and happily sharing their diverse backgrounds and family traditions. Sweet Briar Latinas cooked traditional foods unavailable to them on a regular basis that were reminiscent of home. Every Latina present was enveloped in a space that prioritized their unique cultural backgrounds, traditions, and experiences. The event overall was a success in celebrating and sharing Hispanic culture, and proved to be a meaningful learning experience for everyone involved. This type of memorable and unique bonding event will hopefully continue on into the future while the club pursues becoming an official club on Sweet Briar’s diverse campus.


Written by Amelia Mendelsohn


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