Sweet Briar’s International Community

Sweet Briar is an enriching community for all students.  Not only do we boast an active study abroad program, we also are privileged to have a large international student body.  I had the opportunity to speak with Lonlonyo Amouzou, a French department aid and international student originally from France, about her current experience at Sweet Briar.

C: Why did you decide to pursue an education at Sweet Briar?

L: Because the first time I heard about Sweet Briar College, I was excited to know more about it and be part of it. All the programs seem passionating, and the environment seems really welcoming, as well.

C: How has schooling in the United States differed from schooling in France?

L: Everything is different. We don’t have any boarding (residential) schools like Sweet Briar in France.

C: What is your favorite memory made at Sweet Briar thus far?

L: The first day I came in. I felt really well welcomed!


By Kate Zilke


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