Chivalry is Dead: And That’s OK

Society is always changing. With change comes resistance, but also an undeniable force to move forward. We all have heard the term that “chivalry is dead”, but what does that really mean? Is that really such a bad thing?

Firstly, the idea of chivalry comes from medieval times. Here, knights fought and battled for an unattainable higher up woman. Women here were put on a pedestal, like trophies. Something to be earned or fought for, nothing more.

There are no knights in shining armor now, but we are still hanging onto things that reflect this old way of thinking. Women can now work and make a life for ourselves. We don’t need to be placed on unreachable pedestals.

We realize now that superficial gestures are just that. Doors don’t have to be held open for us. We are more than capable of doing that ourselves.  We are not fragile beings that need to be coddled. Women are strong and independent. We can be with the people we want, when we want. We can survive without the social norms of a far off age.

Let’s not let the old rules of the game of life define who we are now. Girls- chivalry is dead because we now have the rights and abilities to live our own lives. We will not settle for less because we deserve more.


By Melissa Wert

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