About The Chronicle

Our Mission

The Chronicle was started in the fall of 2015 after the closure and reopening of Sweet Briar College in the spring of that year. It was felt that our community needed some news source for all of the changes our college is currently undergoing. The purpose of the Chronicle is to be a reliable source of information about Sweet Briar College in an easily accessible format, which is written by and for members of the community. This newspaper aims to acknowledge the history of the college, discuss the how the college is moving forward, and support the community itself.

Our Inheritance

The Chronicle is a new club and newspaper sprouting out of the seeds of Sweet Briar’s current situation, however it is not the first. The Sweet Briar Voice was active from 1929 to 2012 and is held very dear to many people’s hearts. As the new paper for SBC we acknowledge the legacy and standards upheld by The Voice and will do our best to honor them. In addition, we have the published editions of The Voice and hope to occasionally showcase them as a celebration of Sweet Briar’s accomplishments.

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